A-list Holiday Books that Kids Will Surely Love!

Time passes by so fast! We can still remember ourselves celebrating the New Year with our Family and friends, but then, with the snap of a finger, it’s the holiday season all over again. The time of giving is once again in our presence. We all have this feeling of wonder and love towards the holidays. Our excitement towards holidays makes it much more enticing for us to celebrate. We celebrate holidays in different ways. Many people love to go back to their hometown and visit old friends and family to spend the holidays. People also just make a small Holiday party and invite those they want to invite. But some people also do appreciate just sitting in the fireplace with the kids or all by themselves. While enjoying a hot mug of cocoa with marshmallows, it’s making them feel so warm. Whatever we celebrate the Holidays, it will always have a special place in our hearts. Holidays are one of those holidays that we indeed lookout for the most as kids.

Kids create a special place in their hearts for things they enjoy and love to do. Usually, kids tend to remember a bad and good happening than adults. Kids preciously spend all their time being kids, which helps them grow. A kid’s memory can be permanent and may always stay in their mind. A child’s core memory significantly impacts them as they grow older and get exposed to other peers like himself. Parents should always take care of their kids and the things they experience as children. So parents should be responsible and take the load of teaching their kids. Many kids surprisingly said that they don’t want to celebrate this holiday in regards to the holidays. Such a mindset can develop the kid’s view of perspective in things. 

Parents should learn to take care and make the kids feel that they can have a successful holiday early. One of the main reasons kids lose their enthusiasm for the holiday is the lack of information about the Holidays. Many people can taunt one kid’s belief towards this Christmas celebration. But it’s always doesn’t work so, and when your child is experiencing a lack of serotonin or energy towards the celebrations you are going to hold, you must try reading them books. Books have the unique quality to make someone busy and get out of their heads for the meantime. For kids, there are perfect books that can boost up their enthusiasm for holidays!

Is it Santa by Nelibeth Plaza

Are you tired of those classic Christmas books that you buy in the bookstore? Usually, Christmas books have cliche and a familiar plotline that can be boring and tiring for other kids. Instead of encouraging the kids to enjoy the Holidays, it can worsen the situation. Many books provide the exact and typical formula for a Holiday book but differ in Is it Santa by Nelibeth Plaza. The book mentioned is a fantastic combination of a Holiday book and a Mystery story, two genres that are so vast from each other. Even with the vast difference between the two genres, Nelibeth Plaza did fantastic work in ensuring the balance of snow and suspense! Surely this can make kids get intrigued with the upcoming holidays!

Too Many Tamales by Gary Soto

The book Too Many Tamales by Gary Soto gives a different view of the different culture that surrounds the holidays. The book focuses explicitly on Mexican-American Culture and shows how they celebrate the holidays. Too Many Tamales is an excellent book to show your kids the different and vast cultures surrounding each holiday. Opening this topic to your kids can help them be open-minded and avoid prejudice due to belief. Let our kids learn important life lessons while at such a young age can benefit the future. Each parent should learn how to make their kids enjoy Holidays and learn from them!

A Child’s Christmas in Wales by Dylan Thomas

This book funnily represents reality. The book A Child’s Christmas in Wales by Dylan Thomas is a funny book that portrays the typical feeling of kids while celebrating Christmas. The book shows events and feelings that your kids might find relatable. Making the kids read these types of books can help them be emphatic. This book can help them realize that some kids feel the same way but are not giving up. Even “unenthusiastic” kids can learn and earn new values from this book!

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