Life Learnings Books Impart to Children

Children’s books play a significant role in shaping the kid’s future. Just like Nelibeth’s Plaza’s book called “Is It Santa?” is one of them. It is not just a regular Christmas book that can entertain children during the holidays, but it is something that can give children so much wisdom and knowledge. Plus, Santa’s unbelievable scene on Nelibeth’s book can delight children in so many ways.

Just like “Is It Santa?” books should always possess life learnings that can make help children in life:

Proper Manners 

Once you begin to educate your children with proper manners, you are guaranteed that they will portray respectfulness to everyone they meet. It can teach them to present a positive first impression to the people surrounding them. Until they grow older, they will carry this quality with them, as long as you impart this value as early as possible. To make the process easier, you need to give them reasons why they should do it. Allow them to know the benefits of doing it. Books can help you with this. They can give children scenarios that display good manners, which they can follow.

Transparency and Honesty 

Honesty and transparency are something that kids should learn as early as possible for them to exhibit integrity. Once they exhibit integrity, they can drive success. It can be hard to incorporate this value into kids without proper knowledge and wisdom. This is where children’s book comes in handy. It ensures that children know the consequences when they lie. The proper way of incorporating this to children is through positivity. You may think that punishment will do the work, but it is not. Many studies have found out that a positive environment makes children learn better. Children’s books often follow a story of the character’s personal experiences. It gives children illustrative consequences.


Since kids are still in the process of learning and discovering what the world can offer, it can be hard for them to choose what they are interested in. But this does not mean that you should not do something about it. You can always cultivate children’s love for learning first. They will not find what they truly want to do in life if they don’t know anything yet. Let them try new things by introducing them to productive ones. You only have to make sure that they feel that they are supported. Luckily, children’s books ensure that children learn something new.

Compassion and Empathy 

Part of teaching children has proper manners is imparting them the value of lending a hand to other people. If you are a parent, you know how great it is to see when children are willing to support each other. If you want your child to do the same, you should get them a children’s book. When they read stories, they put themselves in other people’s shoes, making them feel empathetic toward other people’s feelings. They will become kind and nicer. They will learn to think before they speak. Just make sure that you are promoting it to yourself. You need to be the role model; you also have to possess this quality yourself.


Kids tend to become easily frustrated when things go wrong. When the things they want to achieve or get are not in their reach thus, first on their priority list should be teaching kids good sportsmanship. If not, they tend to throw tantrums whenever they lose. They need to learn that losing and committing mistakes is important. If your kid is into sports, remind them that you are still proud of them no matter what. One aspect that can ruin this is the pressure that you might be putting on them. If you push them to really achieve something, you are making them more aggressive, and they will be hard on themselves. Luckily children’s books are teaching kids this aspect as authors make narratives to be relatable.


Advising children to take risks is a bit sketchy to hear. However, you can never teach kids courage if you don’t let them do what they want to do. Kids should always learn to be a dreamer. At the same time, you also hone them to become a doer and work hard for what they want on life.

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