July, 2019 I decided to retire after twenty-seven years of service in the Department of Education. As a teacher my favorite subject was Writing Workshop. The students were able to write beautiful creative stories. In celebration parents were invite to listen while their child sat on the author’s chair, to read their hard cover book out loud.

What motivated me to write my first book.  In 2015, I had an accident at my school. I was in a wheel chair for about six months. Lots of physical therapy, to learn to walk again. It was a very dark time in my life because, I broke my right ankle and left foot and have multiple screws on both. One late afternoon, after physical therapy, I was looking at family photo albums with my daughter Elizabeth. We came across a photo of the rocking chair which has been in the family for about fifty years.  Right then and there I said, “If that chair can speak amazing stories it will tell.” Immediately, I visualized telling my experiences about my granddaughter Mya, through my rocking chair. I wrote “THE RED OAK ROCKING CHAIR.” 

Then one morning my co-worker Alexis, who was explaining about an intruder which apparently was living in her attic. While she was at work the squirrel scatter her basket of cookies on the living room sofa, coffee table and both end tables. As Alexis continue with her experience on the other end, I’m visualizing Pepito, the neighborhood squirrel and his entire family caught with their hands full cookies. That when I wrote my second book,” IS IT SANTA?” 

My third book will be published soon a sequel with lots of actions. “Secrets in the Attic” Same characters but different plot.

Today, I am so honor to finally accomplish my childhood dream. I waited what seems a very long time.  Since life took me into a different adventure. I was a teenage bride, married and soon after had my daughters Rebekkah and Elizabeth. I have three wonderful grandchildren Mya, Charlie and Jacob. Who are the characters in my books. I have been truly blessed and can’t wait for this new adventurous journey as an author.

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