Things to Consider to Achieve a Good Christmas Story

Christmas is probably the most exciting season for most people. It makes everything feel a little bit lighter than usual. Whenever it comes around, people tend to feel happier. It is like the air turns different when November comes. How is this possible? It is possible because the spirit of it is made evident to the world through all things.  From decorations to Christmas movies being released, you can surely feel it. People love to make others feel the season by using their talents in whatever shape and form. As for authors, they come up with the most creative Christmas stories for their readers. Just like Nelibeth Plaza, who loves to write and read books to the young ones. She has come up with an excellent Christmas book that entertains children and gives them a lot of life lessons. This will also make children feel the Christmas season. The story that it features makes it easier for them to know the essence of the holidays. Is It Santa by Nelibeth Plaza is something that you should check out. 

If you have been planning to write a Christmas story yourself, this article is made. This will discuss all the things that you need to know before starting the writing process. With this, you will be able to come up with a story that can capture your target readers’ attention. It will also give you reasons as to why you should pursue your desire to write one. See the following points below:

Come Up with the Big Idea

Most Likely, you have already got that idea in your mind before you even thought about writing a book. With this, you must know whether it is something that your readers would be interested in. The thing about Christmas books is that it is for everyone. You may be writing a story intended for children, but you can not avoid the fact that adults also like to read children’s stories, especially about Christmas.  Thus, you need to know what works best for both age groups. 

Select a Genre

Christmas stories can be classified and fit any genre. Once you have a big idea already, know what genre you want your book to belong to. It can be a comedy, romance, or even crime. You can also choose the others to be your sub-genres. A book can have multiple genres because it would not be as good if you choose just one. Selecting a genre is a way for you to know where you are going with your plot, which leads to the next point:

Scheme a Plot for the Narrative

You must brainstorm your narrative before you proceed with writing. It is good to be spontaneous. However, you need to make sure that you are on the right track. You will know whether you have already schemed a good plot when you can summarize your story. Not having to outline your story is like being lost. 

Create a Powerful Message

Think of your book as a chance for you to share something very important to you. If you have a theme or a message that you want the world to know about, writing a book is the best method. When it comes to Christmas stories, you might want to have a message that can teach your readers a lesson. Just like any other book, the moral values that readers should be getting is something that they can bring with them forever. Thus, think of a theme that is very relevant to society right now. From there, you can incorporate it into your narrative.

Develop Your Characters

Developing your characters is something that you should not let by. In fiction, the characters play a huge part in imparting your story. There are a lot of steps in developing your characters. One is by establishing strong personalities for the main characters. Through this, you will be able to capture the hearts of your reader, making them want to know more about the characters. Plus, it will also help them decide on who they want to side with.

Overall, achieving a great Christmas story will require you to take many measures. Many successful authors have proven that it can be fun to incorporate them into their writing. Once you have started the process, you can relate to this. May this article help you in your journey in writing your book. 


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